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5 Tempat Wisata Romantis di Indonesia

Wisata Romantis, tentu saja banyak diantara kita menginginkan tempat romantis untuk liburan berdua dengan pasangan. Menghabiskan waktu berdua dengan suasana romantis memiliki nilai lebih. Adakalanya orang susah untuk bersikap romantis terhadap pasangan dikarenakan tempat yang tidak mendukung. Kali ini Wisata Indonesia akan berbagio mengenai 5 tempat wisata romantis di Indonesia untuk anda. Tentu saja ini menurut versi Wisata Indonesia, anda punya tempat lain?? Silahkan di share di kolom komentar dibawah .

1. Kampung Sampireun, Garut. Jawa Barat.

Ini adalah tempat wisata teromantis menurut wisata Indonesia. Kampung Sampireun berada di Desa Sukakarya Garut, JAwa Barat. Suasanya sederhana ala pedesaan gaya pasundan akan anda temui disini. Suasanya malam yang tenang serta redup lelampuan yang diiringi germicik air serta kerlap kerlip cahaya diatas permukaan air menambah suasana menjadi sangat romantis. Tersedia banyak cottage tempat beristirahat yang terbuat dari bambu, kayu serta beratap jerami. Perahu sebagai sarana transportasi ke tempat istirahat anda. Ini sangat cocok untuk berlibur dengan pasangan anda.

2. Desa Ubud, Bali

Desa dengan sejuta Inspirasi sangat kami rekomendasikan untuk anda yang ingin berlibur dengan pasangan. Udara yang sejuk serta pemandangan alam pedesaan yang indah bisa anda temui disini. Pepohonan hijau serta sawah yang berundak akan membuat anda tenang dan nyaman. Suasana malam yang benar-benar romantis bisa anda rasakan. Ini adalah tempat wisata bulan madu Romantis di Indonesia.

3. Pulau Moyo, NTB

Pulau Moyo adalah rekomendasi kami yang ketiga. Pulau ini sangat cocok untuk pasangan yang ingin berbulan madu. Tempat yang masih sangat alami serta sepi akan membuat dunia ini seakan-akan milik berdua. Tersedia cottage-cottage dengan berbagai macam fasilitas. Anda bisa menikmati pasir putih yang terhampar serta terumbu karang dan penghuninya yang beraneka ragam.

4. Kaliurang, Yogyakarta.

Ini adalah tempat wisata romantis Indonesia yang ke empat. Dusun Kaliurang memiliki pemandangan yang hijau serta sejuk, berlatar belakang pegunungan karena kaliurang sendiri berada diatas ketinggian sehingga udara disini sangat sejuk dan dingin. Cocok untuk anda berbulan madu dengan pasangan. Tersedia banyak Villa dan Hotel. Anda tinggal pilih saja tempat menginap yang memiliki pemandangan yang indah.

5. Pulau Belitung

Pulau Belitung mempunyai pemandangan pantai yang sangat indah. Dihiasi hamparan pasir putih disepanjang pesisir pantai serta air laut yang sangat jernih akan anda temukan disini.Mungkin anda tidak akan menemukan tempat Indah selain ditempat ini. Puulau Belitung memiliki banyak teluk sehingga airnya pun menjadi tenang. Cocok untu anda yang ingin berwisata romantis dengan pasangan.

Oke, Ke-5 tempat wisata romantis di Indonesia diatas mudah-mudahan menjadi informasi bagi anda untuk menentukan tempat mana nantinya yang akan anda kunjungi dengan pasangan. Semoga bermanfaat

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Korean flavors predicted to become menu mainstay next year

..Could kimchi, the fiery, spicy fermented cabbage native to Korea
become the food item of 2012?

According to international restaurant consultancy group Baum +
Whiteman in New York, Korean cuisine is predicted to emerge as a
robust, influential global food trend in 2012, with its distinctive,
punchy flavors penetrating mainstream menus.

While upscale eateries may serve dishes poached or braised in pungent,
spicy kimchee broth, for example, don't be surprised to see
Korean-style fried chicken pop up on the menus of chain restaurants,
says the report released last week.

Kimchi is what baguettes are to the French or what pasta is to the
Italians -- that is, indispensable. A side dish accompaniment to every
Korean meal, kimchee is a fiery, spicy, fermented cabbage marinated in
red chili powder, garlic and ginger, akin to German sauerkraut, only
packed with a wallop of heat.

Celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence and Chuck Hughes have
become a few high-profile kimchee converts, teaching viewers how to
make quick-style, 'Westernized' versions on food TV. A few popular
applications include stuffing the condiment into barbecued, pork
sandwiches as an Asian-style slaw, a natural combination given that
kimchi and pork also make up the main ingredients in another authentic
Korean dish, kimchee stew.

The report credits the influence of food trucks for pushing Korean
cuisine into the North American culinary consciousness, which over the
last few years has been primarily fixated on other Asian influences --
Thai and Vietnamese flavors.

Entrepreneur Roy Choi's food truck Kogi BBQ, for instance, drew a cult
following in Los Angeles for its Korean Mexican tacos -- traditional,
homemade tortillas stuffed with Korean-style beef -- spawning copycat
trucks all over the country. Their popularity is also widely credited
for putting the spotlight on Korean flavors.

French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his half-Korean wife Marja
have also been spreading the Korean culinary gospel this year in their
PBS series Kimchi Chronicles. Narrated by Aussie actor Hugh Jackman,
the series travels throughout South Korea highlighting the country's
regional specialities.

Meanwhile, the report also points out that since Koreans run most of
the sushi bars in the US, expect more fusion recipes as restaurateurs
gain the confidence to open eateries outside the confines of
Korea-towns. The Korean government, for instance, has embarked on an
aggressive tourism campaign and is reportedly footing the bill for an
upscale restaurant in New York to promote the national cuisine,
according to the consultants.

Seoul transplant Junk Sik likewise become the first gourmet,
'modernist' Korean restaurant to take up residence in New York when it
opened last month.

Other popular Korean dishes include kalbi, marinated short ribs,
bulgogi, marinated beef, and bibimbap, a bed of rice in a traditional
stone bowl, topped with seasoned vegetables, beef, and a fried egg,
bound together by kochujang, a red papper paste.

While American palates aren't quite ready for the paste to become to
become a mainstream grocery store find, the consultants predict,
"...wait until 2013."

Baum + Whiteman creates high profile restaurants around the world and
is the team behind Windows on the World, which sat atop the World
Trade Center.

The Hit List - Bars with Best Views in Singapore


These Singapore bars serve up more than just a good cocktail

Thanks to the recent additions of the Marina Bay Hotel and the
Singapore Flyer, Singapore bars with sky-scraping rooftop are
understandably all the rage these days. However, acrophobes will be
glad to hear that they don't need to go scaling 60 levels to enjoy a
great view along with their drinks. You don't even need to hang around
the CBD area.

We offer up five bars with the most alluring views in Singapore,
including everything thing from the city's staple sky-scraping rooftop
hubs to seaside cocktails.


No self-respecting " The best Singapore bars with a view" list would
come without the inclusion of 1-Altitude.

Perched at 282 metres (63 levels) off the ground, 1-Altitude is
currently Singapore's highest rooftop bar, and consequently, home to a
bird's eye view of the surrounding skyscrapers as well as an
unobstructed view of the glittering Marina Bay enclave. Thanks to a
combination of stunning views, a stylish crowd and smooth tunes,
1-Altitude has quickly become one of the favourite haunts of the suits
and well heeled from nearby offices.

Tip: When you're here your phone will often receive signals from
Malaysia and sometimes Indonesia, so avoid phone usage lest you get a
nasty surprise in your next phone bill.

Find out what bars - other than 1-Altitude - made our list of best
rooftop bars in Singapore.


Lantern, the rooftop bar of the seven-storey Fullerton Bay Hotel is
proof that you don't need to go traipsing up skyscrapers to enjoy a
great view. In fact, the bar's rustic charm, accentuated by the
bespoke outdoor vintage-inspired cabanas and luxuriant greenery, and
anchored by a sparkling blue pool, makes for a picturesque view that's
just as captivating as its surroundings.

The bar's prime waterfront spot also makes it an ideal location to
catch the sea breeze whilst nursing a cold beer at the end of the day.

See our video recap of the DBS Black Top party at Lantern over the F1 weekend.

LeVel33 Microbrewery

Make your reservations early, or be left out of LeVel33. No, LeVel33
isn't one of those places that demand reservations months in advance,
it's simply that popular, and once you get in it's easy to see why.

The Singapore bar's 33rd level spot offers diners panoramic views of
brilliant sunsets and twinkling night skies. The venue's full-length
glass windows ensure that even those sitting indoors get a taste of
the "high" life, but it's the outdoor spots that are truly coveted.

Views alone aren't enough for a bar to survive on; here the excellent
craft beers (brewed in-house) and a menu of well-executed bar bites
match the cityscapes.

See our review of LeVel33's new-and-improved menu. LeVel33 was also
picked as one of our favourite after-work bars. Click to see who else
made the list.

Prive Waterfront Bar

This sleek al fresco bar located on Singapore's only privately owned
island, Keppel Bay, may not be the most convenient location for
drinks, but those making the trip to Prive Waterfront Bar are rewarded
with stylish resort-style décor and beautiful waterfront views.

The bar's good-looking crowd comes faithfully for the great bar food
and drinks, in particular, the eclectic cocktail menu, which features
more than 30 unique cocktails specially concocted by venue's top
mixology team.

Tanjong Beach Club

Although crystal clear waters and sandy white beaches are things
usually reserved for beach holidays, at the ultra-luxe Tanjong Beach
Club, you can almost see yourself in Maldives as you lie back on your
lounge sofa next to the sparkling pools. People migrate here to relax
and take their pick from Tanjong Beach Club's extensive menu of
delicious cocktails and upscale bar fare.

By sunset, the view here are even more breathtaking, and smooth dance
beats give beachcombers and sunbathers a little taste of beachside
tranquillity, a rare luxury in Singapore.

See our other picks for best beachside bars.

Head over to for full details on the Singapore bars
with the best views in Singapore.

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If these Singapore bars don't entice you, but you're still looking for
a night out, read on at the best Irish pubs in Singapore, Kinki
Rooftop Bar at Marina Bay Sands and 1TwentySix at East Coast.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Most Indebted Nations
Andrew Beattie, On Thursday 27 October 2011, 0:45 SGT

There are many different ways to measure debt as a factor in a
nation's economic health. In fact, there are so many that we can
sometimes lose the meaning of any one measure. In this article, we'll
look at two different measures of debt and how they change the
landscape of the most indebted nations.

Debt Compared to Cash Coming In
One of the most popular, measures is debt as a percentage of GDP. This
tells you how likely it is that a nation is going to be able to pay
its bills. In this sense, GDP is income, so the more GDP you have, the
more debt you can service.

As far as measuring which nations are struggling, the debt to GDP is
an excellent measure. The public debt to GDP listing, compiled in the
CIA World Factbook, is reassuring in this sense. It's top 10, based on
2009-2010 data includes:

1. Zimbabwe 234.10%
2. Japan 197.50%
3. Saint Kitts and Nevis 185.00%
4. Greece 142.80%
5. Lebanon 133.80%
6. Jamaica 126.50%
7. Iceland 126.10%
8. Italy 119.10%
9. Singapore 105.80%
10. Barbados 102.10%

The United States is far down the list at number 32. The U.S. has the
highest GDP for a single nation, in other words, excluding the E.U..
The U.S. GDP hasn't come in under $1,400 billion since it broke that
level in 2007, so the debt situation of the U.S. isn't as bad in this
context, when compared to Japan. Japan has a GDP of around $4,300
billion and public debt over $10,000 billion.

The reason that Japan hasn't folded, is that over half of all Japanese
debt is held domestically. This gives Japan the advantage of
relatively friendly hands holding its IOUs. There is also another
economic advantage that economists see in the Japanese situation: most
of the interest payments on the debt, make citizens wealthier and more
likely to buy things domestically. This makes some sense, but the
theoretical domestic buying boom either hasn't yet hit its stride in
Japan, or the debt situation has grown beyond the point where this
beneficial side-effect is noticeable.

Japan's woes aside, the debt picture shifts quite noticeably when,
instead of looking at debt-to-GDP, we focus on external debt.

Measuring External Debt
External debt is a measure of the public and private debt, that is
owed to non-residents. This list, also compiled by the CIA, gives a
different top 10.

1. United States $13,980 billion
2. European Union $13,720 billion
3. United Kingdom $8,981 billion
4. Germany $4,713 billion
5. France $4,698 billion
6. Japan $2,441 billion
7. Ireland $2,253 billion
8. Norway $2,232 billion
9. Italy $2,223 billion
10. Spain $2,166 billion

Now, there is no reason to panic, despite the U.S. taking over the top
spot. The foreign holdings of treasuries total about $4,500 billion,
so this is not all public debt, by any stretch. Unlike domestically
held treasuries, however, the external ones are making interest for
non-citizens, making it less likely that the money will be put back
into the economy in any way. In the end, external debt just means
interest and principle payments that are going abroad and adding to
another country's GDP.

How Did We Get Here?
The U.S. has a lot of external debt, true. There are two ways of
looking at it, one is the debtor nation view, where the more external
debt a nation has, the more likely it is giving away its future, in
the form of interest payments to foreigners. The second way is the
investment destination view, where so many foreigners are looking to
lend and invest in the debts of U.S. citizens, companies and the
government, that the low interest loans can be used to build more
economic capacity, to produce more capital to pay off these cheap

The truth is that the U.S. is a bit in between the two scenarios. It's
strong GDP numbers make it one of the most attractive investments
compared to other struggling nations, but this huge foreign debt load
has passed the healthy level and is edging up to dangerous levels.
Just because other nations are willing to lend cheap, and the U.S. is
willing to spend, doesn't mean there aren't long term consequences.

The Bottom Line
Debt is a matter of perspective. The health of a nation is not so
different from the health of a business. If a nation is borrowing to
build infrastructure that will pay off in the future, then having a
lot isn't necessarily bad. If, however, the money is being poured into
areas with little or no return, then the burden on the economy to pay
those debts will eventually lead to more economic hardship in the
future. A fair assessment would involve tracking what each dollar of
private and public debt, goes towards purchasing. Some studies exist
on this subject, but it is best left for another day, perhaps

Qantas chaos as union row grounds 'Flying Kangaroo'

The travel plans of tens of thousands of Qantas passengers around the
world, from holidaymakers to heads of state, were thrown into chaos
Saturday by the airline's shock decision to ground its entire fleet.

The global network the Australian carrier has built over the past 90
years as it transformed from a desert Outback mail service into one of
the world's most successful airlines screeched to an abrupt halt at
0600 GMT Saturday.

That was the moment when chief executive Alan Joyce announced in
Sydney that all flights would be grounded, immediately and
indefinitely, until a bitter union row was resolved.

British couple Brenda and Alex Bovingdon's plane was taxiing up the
runway at Sydney airport when Joyce's bombshell edict took effect,
prompting the pilot to turn around.

"He said, 'there's a problem, don't worry it's not mechanical, I'm
very sorry to tell you this, in my career as a pilot I have never
encountered this before,'" Brenda said.

She said they spent the next two hours sitting in the plane, and
further time getting through customs, leaving them fuming.

"It's bad enough that they do it anyway, but without warning it's just
shocking," Alex Bovingdon told AFP.

His daughter Debbi Zornes said: "I will never book with Qantas again."

There were similar scenes at 22 airports around the world.

In Perth, where just hours earlier enthusiastic crowds had bid
farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, passengers stood stunned as departure
boards declared "we are very sorry Qantas is not flying due to
industrial action".

Qantas check-in desks were abandoned as passengers gathered across the
terminal at rival Virgin Australia, scrambling to get tickets out of
the city.

At least Commonwealth 17 heads of state and senior ministers, in town
for the same leaders' summit attended by the queen, faced a similar
dilemma after booking Qantas flights home.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard insisted it was not embarrassing to tell
the VIP visitors they had to find alternative flights home from Perth,
one of the world's most far-flung cities.

"Not at all, people took it in very good spirits," she said. "People
have been aware that there's been industrial disputation within

Joyce said he was compelled to take the "unbelievable" action because
the long-running union dispute was trashing Qantas' brand.

But Gillard said that by making the dispute global, the airline could
tarnish Australia's tourism industry.

At Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, Irish tourist Sinead Condon, 22,
said she had been hoping to escape the flooding in the Thai capital
only to be told there would be no flight.

"We're disappointed. It's a major inconvenience," she said.

Australian businessman David Stewart, 52, en route from London,
decided to buy a new ticket through to Sydney with Emirates.

"It's absolute chaos," he said. "I've tried to be as loyal as I can to
Qantas. It's going to cost me $1,900 to fly home with Emirates but
I've got to see my family."

Staff at Singapore's Changi Airport handed out biscuits and water to
thousands of irate stranded passengers, among them Australian retiree
Leigh Hogg, 70, who spent hours waiting to find out if she could get

"I feel a bit deflated... it (the wait) is a bit tiring, we are not
young anymore," she told AFP.

The online backlash was also intense, with Qantas' Facebook page
inundated with comments such as "this is overkill, sack the CEO and
the board".

A Facebook page called "RIP Qantas" sprang up, declaring the airline
"died aged 90 at the hands of Alan Joyce".

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